Reborn devil

The reborn demon had stepped foot under the path of light.

From today, I will walk on the path of supremacy!

Sweep the earth and laugh at the world.

Tread the green mountains; step on the blue seas; bind the blue dragon; assault the sky!

Bath in difficulties and sharpen the demonic soul; lift the flag and sing in triumph; defy heaven, defy fate, defy the...

This was a Gu that possessed a legendary tale.

Obtained from an ancient strength path inheritance, it is an almost extinct Gu in the current world, it was extremely rare!

        ——《Reverend Insanity》

White feather flying elephant

These flying elephants looked sacred and elegant, but their nature were bloodthirsty.

    ——《Reverend Insanity》

You are simpie, the world is a fairy talke; Heart is compiex the world is a maze.

"I like the footless bird, do you know why?"


"Because it has no legs, only wings, thus it has no choice but to fly. When it lands, that signifies its destruction."

Betting it all in one chance, fly or die!

    ——《Reverend Insanity》

"Welcome to Bai Gu mountain."

——《Reverend Insanity》

the reborn demon had stepped foot under the path of light.

——《Reverend Insanity》

Lef life be beautiful like summer flowers and death like autumn tears

——《Reverend Insanity》

🍀 Emancipate yourself from the past. The only way to move forward is to stop looking back!

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